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The perfect large group decision making tool    
* No batteries required *

Feedback Frames - how they work

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Find Agreements Fast!

Feedback Frames are secret rating ballots with instant visual results.   

Use them to facilitate equal opportunity workshops that are collaborative, efficient and fun.

No technical support required.

Better Meetings are Possible

In a traditional big meeting, workshop or classroom it is often difficult to recognize all the different opinions in the room.   Just a few people tend to do most of the talking, while most others may not be heard much at all.  

Feedback Frames allow everyone to give their input equally and efficiently.   Recognize disagreement without debates.

Avoid group think and the bandwagon effect.  Find common ground in minutes.  Feedback Frames work every time. 

Any Age.  Any Topic.

In the boardroom,  classroom,  innovation lab, or community hall.


From the Creator of Idea Rating Sheets

Jason Diceman created Idea Rating Sheets in 2004 (originally called "Dotmocracy") to make it easier to find agreements in large group.  His templates have been adopted by professional facilitators in over 33 different countries and used in more than 15 different languages.  Jason Diceman  has been a  Senior Public Consultation Coordinator for the City of Toronto since 2010 and is a leader in the field of public participation and innovative workshop design. "Feedback Frames are the best tool I have ever made."  - J. Diceman

Idea rating sheets are wonderful for establishing the big group idea, ...showing the group’s mind. Works every time.
— Lyn Carson, Director of newDemocracy Foundation & Professor in Dialogue, Deliberation & Public Engagement at the University of Sydney.
Build consensus, while also giving room to provide feedback.
— Adam Hess, Communications and Marketing, Voluntary Service Overseas Canada
Worked like a charm in an exercise to update the objectives of our strategic plan.
— Charles Lambert, Traffic Records Coordinator, Nevada Department of Public Safety

Ready for Manufacturing

Jason Diceman is working with Spark Innovations, a Canadian award-winning industrial design company specializing in the development of innovative products.  We have working prototypes in hand and are just a few small steps away from mass manufacturing.  Next we need a minimum order of at least 5,000 units to invest in the upfront tooling required for plastic injection molding.



Crowdfunding Coming September 2016

In September we’ll be launching a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to get 5,000 pre-orders to start mass manufacturing.   We’ve got a fantastic team at BIG3 Video Agency on contract to produce the crowdfunding video.

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